Precision Global Now Offers More Products That Use FlashSight™ Technology

Precision Global has expanded its range of aerosol products that can include innovative FlashSight™ actuator technology. Features of FlashSight™ dispensing solutions include:

· BUILT-IN LED – FlashSight™ LED lights allow users to guide their aerosol sprays with accuracy by illuminating the area that will be sprayed, helping you see clearly in dark, tight spaces.

· COMFORT GRIP – Ergonomically designed actuator button for enhanced grip and easy spraying.

· LOCKING COLLAR – Choose between the light only or light and spray. Switch to the locked “OFF” position to prevent unintentional spraying.

Precision originally partnered with RSC Chemical Solutions to develop and manufacture this aerosol actuator for RSC’s popular Liquid Wrench product. Liquid Wrench is a pro penetrant and lubricant that breaks down rust and cuts through grease, and the easy-to-use FlashSight™ actuator button helps users see where they need to spray in low light areas.

Precision has now acquired exclusive manufacturing rights for FlashSight™ in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and we are pleased to offer this groundbreaking technology to clients across surface cleaner, insecticide, paint, calk, sealant, and other household product categories as well as personal care.

FlashSight™ offers makers of aerosol products the chance to surpass the competition and make their products more user-friendly than ever before.