AEROBAL at Interpack 2017 – Record result and good sustainability assessment provide powerful boost

The International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers (AEROBAL) will be in a particularly buoyant mood from 4-10 May 2017 when it exhibits at the Interpack trade fair, where it will be sharing a stand with the German Aluminium Association (GDA). The record achieved in 2016, with a further increase in global production of about three per cent year-on-year, will certainly ensure there is an air of self-confidence in Hall 11, Stand 37.

“We will be focussing on aluminium’s unparalleled material properties for the production, use and recycling of aerosol cans of course,” says Gregor Spengler, AEROBAL’s Secretary General speaking in a bullish mood in the run-up to the trade fair. “Aluminium cans guarantee maximum consumer convenience, perfect hygiene, the greatest product protection and optimal safety and reliability. They are the only cans that are suitable for almost all types of filling. Aluminium aerosol cans open up a whole host of opportunities with regards design and are unique when it comes to appearance, aesthetics and premium character. All of these aspects have undoubtedly contributed to the spectacular market success of recent years.”

More than ever before, the focus of attention at this year’s Interpack will be on eco-friendly packaging and sustainability aspects, resource efficiency and trend-setting recycling concepts. It is especially here that Gregor Spengler sees the aluminium aerosol can being particularly well positioned.

Aluminium’s high intrinsic material value provides great incentives along the whole value chain to keep the metal in the material loop and has helped establish efficient recycling systems that use the latest sorting technologies. This is not to mention the fact that aluminium is a so-called permanent material that can be recycled an infinite number of times without any loss in quality. And the recycling of used aluminium means one only needs five per cent of the energy that would otherwise be needed to extract the metal from its ore. Aluminium is thus a real ‘energy bank’. These are all persuasive material properties that competitive materials cannot offer in the same way.

In this context, it is gratifying that consumers and producers around the globe are increasingly coming to realise that with its high recycling rates aluminium makes an important contribution to protecting the environmental, safeguarding the supply of raw materials and providing a worthwhile future for coming generations on our planet. Most other materials cannot demonstrate such a global recycling performance.

AEROBAL’s Secretary General Gregor Spengler is also confident that the aluminium aerosol can’s positive assessment with regards sustainability and resource efficiency will further strengthen its position in the global packaging market. “This year’s Interpack provides a very positive environment for us to exhibit at the trade-fair,” he says, “We at AEROBAL are already looking forward to meeting visitors interested in our future-orientated form of packaging. We are also looking forward to share suggestions and ideas that will promote the aluminium aerosol can even more. However, we also regard our stand as a communication platform and a hot spot for networking and an exchange of experience within the supply chain. In any case, we would like to extend a warm welcome in Hall 11, Stand 37 to everyone who visits Interpack.”