A Conversation with Geno Nardini

Geno Nardini

President of the Mexican Aerosol Association (IMAAC) and currently President of the Federation of Latin American Aerosol Associations (FLADA)

AEROSOL EUROPE: Dear Mr Nardini, dear Geno, as President of the Mexican Aerosol Association, you will be responsible next year for the set-up and organization of the 9thLatin American Aerosol Congress. Are preparations already underway?

Geno Nardini: We are far advanced. We were able to negotiate the required space at the WORLD TRADE CENTER (WTC) in the very center of Mexico – a short $10-12 dollar taxi ride from our International Airport.  The WTC is located within a kilometer of over 15 hotels and dozens of good restaurants. We have negotiated favorable rates with our prime hotel (5 star Crown Plaza) y secondary hotel (4 star Holiday Inn) and three other hotels.

More details follow below.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Originally, the plan was to hold the congress in Chile. What were the reasons for the change of location?

Geno Nardini: The Chilean Chamber of Aerosols (CCA) is quite small and only a few years old. The CCA accepted the Congress for 2017 based on Chilean government programs to support industrial growth, but these programs were subsequently modified to a point where much less assistance was offered. Based on this the President of FLADA – Matias Levit of Chile – suggested that it would be better if a larger country sponsored this Congress; and it was Mexico’s turn next. It should be noted that Mr. Levit and the CCA managed this issue in an extremely cordial and professional manner.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Where will the trade visitors come from: Are you expecting primarily visitors from Latin America or also aerosol trades people from Europe?

Geno Nardini: In 2008 at our first FLADA Latin American Congress we had visitors from Asia, Australia, six countries of Europe, USA and Canada; and 10 Latin American countries. We would hope to do better this time.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How do you regard Asia in this context?

Geno Nardini:  We expect a few exhibitors from China and possibly one from elsewhere in Asia; but our slogan is “FLADA is Competitivity” and therefore we are looking more to Europe and the USA for exhibitors and technical papers, that can improve our ability to compete.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Can you tell us a little bit about the lecture program?


Geno Nardini: Not much at this date.

Our technical committee will work on the program the first three months of 2017.

We will begin formally approving some papers end of January.

Our goal is to finalize the entire tech program by 31 March, 2017.

In 2008 we had 28 papers headlined by Dr. Mario Molina and Dr. Montfort A. Johnsen, as well as important topics from the CSPA and FEA. We have an exhibition to enable us to cover costs, but the lecture program is of PRIME IMPORTANCE.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How many exhibitors are you expecting?

Geno Nardini:  We had started with 30 stands in 2008 but finished with 45; and only because of fire code limitations we could not exceed that. The World Trade Center is a much more favorable place, and we are starting with 45 stands, but have capability to increase to almost 60. We expect to do that.


AEROSOL EUROPE: A question about the market figures: Could the growth in the production of aerosols in Mexico last year continue?

Geno Nardini:  Considering the future TRUMP Presidency it would not be proper to make large claims of future growth; but short and medium term our prospects are good. Our industry is not based on exports to the USA as many Mexican industries are. Yes SCJ and Unilever export some but this is less than 10% of our production.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How do you regard the growth potential in Mexico and in the other Latin American countries?

Geno Nardini: Mexico 3 – 5% per year.  Both Brazil and Argentina have had very poor 2016 productions; so their possibility for growth off a very low base for them is probably higher right now.


AEROSOL EUROPE: Is there a topic in the Mexican aerosol industry that absolutely must be treated?

Geno Nardini:  No.

AEROSOL EUROPE: What are your goals as President of the Mexican Aerosol Association (IMAAC) and the Federation of Latin American Aerosol Associations (FLADA)?

Geno Nardini:  Promote increased growth and competitivity in the region. Increase safety in manufacturing. And if possible, grow FLADA – Colombia should have an aerosol association; and possibly Peru also.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Dear Mr Nardini, dear Geno, we thank you for this conversation.